About Us


Our Redbird Squadron loves to deliver the thrill of flight to the people of Dallas and beyond!


We provide exciting programs that inspire and educate, using hands-on engagement with aircraft and meaningful stories from the WWII era. History comes alive and people learn its relevance to today’s challenges.


Many of today’s life-challenges are similar to those faced and overcome in the past by what’s known as The Greatest Generation. The Greatest Generation were raised in the Great Depression and they fought in WWII – or they worked on the home-front to support the troops. Everyone worked together win the war, even though they had differences and disagreements.


The Greatest Generation learned to RISE ABOVE their circumstances and to succeed in the face of adversity. They had no choice! Now, in 2019, our programs show people how to RISE ABOVE their circumstances in their own lives every day –by choice! Overcome today’s challenges and obstacles, and learn how to bounce back from adversity with our RISE ABOVE progams.


We deliver programs jointly with many local and regional community organizations, and we hold our own events as well. Many local businesses support our squadron and value our work for the hands-on experiences we deliver to youth, that prepares them to make their contributions in their own Next Greatest Generation!

We can tailor individual programs or mix-and-match to excite, inspire, and enage primary school-age (and older) audiences:

  • Leadership (like RISE ABOVE),
  • Aviation, Aeronautics, and related STEM, and
  • WWII Era Social Studies and History.

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